Shore Bird Wall Mounted Mailbox - Large

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Shorebird Large Wall Mount Mailbox

Easily recognizable the shorebird scurries across the shallow water looking for food. It’s long legs and small body make spotting this bird fairly straightforward. Often gathering in flocks the shorebird eats small invertebrates picked out of the mud or sand. For this reason shorebirds typically live among mudflats, marshes and beaches. As you can see this mailbox features a beautiful oceanscape with a shorebird feeding in the shallow waters of a protected beach. Furthermore our beautiful lighthouse stands guard the distance to complete the design. The shorebird large wall mount mailbox will make a perfect addition to any coastal residence.

Customize Your Mailbox

As with all our mailboxes the shorebird large wall mount mailbox is handmade to order. In fact its crafted from solid brass by our expert craftsman at our factory in Orange, CA. Because each mailbox is made to order you can customize your mailbox to perfectly match your homes style. The first step to customizing your mailbox is to select a hand applied patina finish. Second choose a custom piece of art glass to create the sky background. Finlay complete your customization by selecting one or more of our optional mailbox accessories.

Coastal Mailbox

The shorebird large wall mount mailbox is excellent for any coastal cottage. As you can see the small details are what sets this mailbox apart from out competitors. Take a close look at the traditional hinge detail on the lid paired with the corner rivets which give this mailbox its timeless look. Additionally we have added a rubber bumper to the interior of the mailbox to eliminate any noise when closing the lid.

Lifetime Warranty

As with all America’s Finest products the shorebird large wall mount mailbox carries our lifetime warranty.

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