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Whale Horizontal Wall Mount Mailbox

Blue whales are the largest animals ever known to have lived on Earth. Its easy to see how these impressive mammals rule the oceans. As a mater of fact they grow to about 100 feet long and upwards of 200 tons. Blue whale calves are born weighing up to 3 tons (about the size of a full grown Asian elephant) and stretching up to 25 feet. The calf feeds on its mothers milk for the first year of its life and gains about 200 pounds per day. The whale horizontal wall mount mailbox will make a beautiful addition to any coastal residence.

Our Tribute To The Blue Whale

Unfortunately the blue whale was nearly hunted to extinction during the early and mid 1900’s. However this magnificent mammal has been making a solid comeback once it received worldwide protection in 1967. Our whale horizontal wall mount mailbox is a tribute to this unbelievable animal. Can you think of a better way to celebrate this animal then by having a mother and baby whale swimming gracefully across the front panel of your America’s Finest mailbox.

Custom Mailbox Design

As with all of our products the whale horizontal wall mount mailbox is made to order. Thus allowing you to customize you mailbox by choosing from our variety of finish and glass options. To start your customization you will first choose from one of our hand applied patina finishes. Next you will choose a custom piece of art glass to go behind the whales on your mailbox. Lastly complete your customization by selecting one or more of our optional mailbox accessories.

Decorative Nautical Mailbox

This decorative whale mailbox is constructed of solid brass by our expert craftsman at our factory in Orange, CA. The nautical theme of this mailbox flows across the front panel and into hand crafted design elements of the mailbox it self. Take a closer look at the traditional hinge detail and corner rivets which give this mailbox its rustic and craftsman look and feel.

Lifetime Warranty

As with all America’s Finest products the whale horizontal wall mount mailbox carries our lifetime warranty.

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